Happy Walk Your Dog Day!  

Do you walk your dog? Walking has so many benefits to both dogs and humans.  A 30 minute stroll just 3 times a week can reduce blood pressure, increase energy, improve sense of well-being, and even lower your weight by 5% and your dog's by 15%.

Walks can drastically improve your dogs socialization skills
Chances are you will run into a neighbor and/or another dog.  These moments are a wonderful time to teach your dog how to greet people and other dogs, so use these occasions as educational lessons for your dog.  Practice "sit" when crossing streets or when greeting dogs and humans.  Walks are a terrific time for a refresher in "Leave it" and "wait", as a way of letting your pup know that you expect them to behave just as they do in your home when they are out and about with real world distractions.  Dogs will also discover all the typical sounds, animals, and smells of your neighborhood, which in turn will make them more at ease next time around.  

Strengthen your bond
Is there anything better than quality time with your best friend?  These moments together are so very important to your dogs development in that they help build positive feelings and behaviors as well as growing a trusting relationship between you both.   You are your dogs whole world and taking time out of your hectic day to walk with them makes you both happy! 
Good for your dogs physical and mental health
A sedentary pup has a greater chance of becoming overweight, which brings a whole set of issues to the table.  Dogs still need another outlet for all of their pent up energy, even if your dog is very active inside your home. If dogs are confined too much inside the house, this can lead to boredom, which may result in destructive behavior.  Have you ever noticed how excited and engaged your pup is on a walk?  They are loving their life!

Besides, a tired doggie is a good doggie! Have a ball and don't forget your Doggone Good Rapid Rewards treat bag and clicker!

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