The spectacular city of San Francisco is The Doggone Good Clicker Company's second stop on our Animal Training Around the World Series!  We have consulted a top notch team of trainers at SF Puppy Prep to usher us through the ups and downs of training in a big city!

Famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, fog, and Alcatraz, San Francisco is an ever-changing mecca of unique sights, but did you know:

  • San Francisco is notorious for its many microclimates that create varying temperatures in each part of the City?
  • The Golden Gate Bridge is painted "International Orange", which helps it be visible through the fog?
  • The cable car is the only moving National Historic Monument in the world?
  • The city is built on more than 50 hills?
  • San Francisco is only 7 miles long by 7 wide?
San Francisco is a dog lovers paradise with hundreds of acres of off leash open space for pups to run free and romp around.  Dog friendly workplaces, restaurants, and many other establishments are prevalent in the city.  All this means you can do almost anything with your dog, but the challenge is not every dog can handle the crowded, loud, and busy nature of the city.  

The training team at SF Puppy Prep know the challenges of animal training in this bustling big city all too well.  That's why they are a Repeat of the Bay Winner Best Training Class 2016, 2017, and 2019!

According to SF Puppy Prep, it is so crucial to give your pup "a big boost early on in the way of socialization and training" to set them up for success.  So true!  Pups in a big city come in contact with other people and pets much more often because living is much closer.  Your dog needs to be comfortable in these situations.  Get them relaxed with distractions such as crowds, city noises, and other dogs by walking your dog around the city frequently.  Leave it is an essential command for a dog to have, but in a big city it is especially important.  Keep an eye on your pup while walking to make sure they are not snacking on something that's on the street.  In case they do start to eat something that they should not be snacking on, having taught your dog the leave it command is extremely useful.  Have a treat bag with small food bits to reward your dog for walking nicely, listening to commands such as come, leave it, and for sit/stay.  What dog doesn't like treats?    

Positive reinforcement only is a pivotal trend in San Francisco dog training, and it is the foundation of all training with the SF Puppy Prep team!  Clicker training is a fundamental part of their program.  Mac, SF Puppy Prep owner and trainer sums up training in San Francisco perfectly, "Our puppy parents love how easily they are able to 'click for confidence', teaching their puppy that skateboards and shopping carts are good things after all.  They have fun watching how quickly their pup learns as they capture eye contact, sit, down, 'touch', and more.  In many places around the country, those things may not be absolutely critical.  But in San Francisco?  Well, here a confident and well mannered dog means the freedom to enjoy all this great city has to offer!" 

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Owning a dog in the city of San Francisco has unique challenges...but SF Puppy Prep has been "helping dogs and owners learn together and thrive" for the past 16 years!

For more information on SF Puppy Prep training classes go to their website or email at [email protected] 
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