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Blank Translucent Clickers

Blank Translucent Clickers

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The Translucent TABBED Clicker sounds and works just like the original clicker but does it with the style of rich tranclucent color! The insert is stainless steel. A tab on the end allows you to add your own attachment. Available in 4 stock colors and ready to ship today!
Part Number: BTTC
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SIZE: 2 3/8"x 1" x 5/8"

The Box Clicker is a great positive reinforcement training tool for pets including, dogs, cats, birds, chickens, horses, and MORE!
This is our loudest clicker. Perfect for training inside, ouside, and at a distance. 
These high-quality box clickers are translucent color (same top/bottom). The insert is stainless steel. Tab on the end allows you to attach a wrist coils or retractable for easy hands free clicker training.

Clicker Training is an effective way to create a trusting bond between animals and humans. 
Professional Dog Trainers love clicker training because it promotes positive reinforcement and force free methods!
Get clicking TODAY!

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