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    Junior Click & Play Pack

Junior Click & Play Pack

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Rapid Rewards Puppy Pack - Junior - Blank
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This Click & Play Package has everything you need to train your pet at any age!
1 Jr Bait Bag (you choose Pouch Color)
1 Bandana (You Choose Color, Size)

1 Drawstring Bag (will match pouch color - pink turquoise and purple will receive black sling bag)
2 Collapsible Bowls (we will choose the color)
3 Wrist Coils (we will choose the color)
1 Box Clicker w/Doggone Good! Clicker Company Logo (we will choose color)
1 Tear Drop Shaped Clicker w/Doggone Good! Clicker Company logo (we will choose color)
1 QT Click w/Doggone Good! Clicker Company Logo (we will choose color)

Jr Bait Bag:

Bag Size
4.75" L X 4.75" H x 2.75" D (open)

The Jr. Bait Bag is a compact bait bag that is perfect for owners of small dogs, conformation handlers, trainers who carry lesser amounts of bait and junior handlers.

Note this bag does not have loops to attach to a waist belt.

Features include:
  • Drawstring open and close (can control size of opening)
  • Side-zip entry pocket stores poop bag, keys, money, etc).
  • Belt clip (our custom-molded super-tough grip clip)
  • Grey interior for better visibility
  • 600D polyester (backpack material)
Hand washable, cool or warm water. Line dry.

Do not use bleach.

We do not recommend putting these in the dishwasher.

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