Clicker Training. Top 10 reasons it is the best route for animals                                    

Clicker training, as an alternative to punishment, began over 30 years ago to train marine animals. In recent years, it’s become wildly popular in dog training and now extends to animals of all kinds. Below are the top 10 reasons it’s a doggone good idea to choose clicker and reward behavior methods.

  1. Positive reinforcement in clicker and rewarded behavior promotes the animal to think, rather than react in primal ways.
  2. Clicker training deters unwanted behavior in a non-confrontational way by highlighting good behavior.
  3. An animal that is trained with harsh corrections can develop emotional issues and makes for a diminished owner/pet relationship.
  4. Paired with verbal cues, the animal’s vocabulary increases and encourages intelligence.
  5. It brands a trainer’s reputation as a preferred provider and animal rights supporter.
  6. It’s a quicker route to desired training results. Clickers and rewards have proven to train animals up to 5x faster than other methods.
  7. Focusing on rewards instead of taking away rewards promotes healthy animal/human relationships.
  8. Any animal with a central nervous system can be clicker and rewards trained; chicken, fish, cats, horses, birds, crabs, rats and basically any animal can benefit from clicker training.
  9. The American Kennel Club and many other organizations endorse clicker training as the preferred method of behavior training.
  10. You can customize clickers and choose from hundreds of reward accessories right here!
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