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Dog Training 101

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Step b Step Instructions for Raising a Happy, Well-Behaved Dog
Part Number: DT101
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Dog Training 101: Step-by-Step Instructions for raising a happy well-behaved dog
192 pages
by Kyra Sundance

Whether your dog is barky, jumps on visitors, or even suffers from fear of loud noises or people Dog Training 101 has the answers so you can have a happy, healthy, pup.

Using a visually drivenplayful presentationDog Training 101 offers step-by-step instructions that you can use to train your less-than-obedient pup to be a happy, attentive and behaved canine. 

With dog ownership at an all time high, especially among young people, knowing how to properly care for and raise dog besties is more important than everDog Training 101 teaches everything from basic commands like sit, stay and come to everything you'll need to prepare for a new dog's arrival. Internationally renowned dog trainer and author of the bestselling 101 Dog Tricks, Kyra Sundance, is your expert guide.

Troubleshoot common problems like jumping on visitors or barking. Learn games designed to help overcome common fears like loud noisespeople or even vacuum cleaners. Whether you need help choosing the right dog, potty training, leash training, feeding or fetching Dog Training 101 will become your everyday best reference.

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