Doggie Breath                                    
Doggie Breath

Kisses from your pup are great, but sometimes that dog breath...not so much!  Do you ever wonder, why does my dog's breath stink so bad?  

Reasons for bad breath  
There are quite a few, and while most can be fixed easily, sometimes a dog's bad breath is a sign of something more serious. 
  • Periodontal Disease - This is the top cause of foul breath in dogs. Plaque and tartar can build up on their teeth, in turn causing the dog's breath to smell. To combat this, brush your dogs teeth regularly and/or have your groomer brush their teeth. 
  • Diet - Poor quality dog food can cause digestion problems, which can lead to stinky breath. Try a more natural diet to see if it improves. 
  • Disease - More serious illnesses like diabetes, liver or kidney disease can also cause bad breath in your dog. If it persists, get your pup checked out by their vet. 

Remedies to help freshen breath
There are many natural remedies that can really sweeten up your pups breath.
  • Parsley - Both stems and leaves are nutritious, antimicrobial, and make a fantastic breath freshener. Just chop some up and sprinkle in your dog's food.
  • Dill - This is antibacterial, so it can help stop the growth of bacteria in their mouth. Add a bit to your pup's food bowl.
  • Peppermint - Not only will this freshen breath, but will also help digestion. Sprinkle on food and, that icky breath will smell better soon.
  • Coconut Oil - Can also be used to freshen that breath up. An added's great for skin and coat too! Add a tiny bit to their food because too much can cause an upset tummy. 
Some other solutions include:
  • Teeth Brushing - Start early with your puppy. This will help them get used to having their teeth brushed regularly. If you have an older dog, ease into it and try to brush their teeth when the are relaxed and calm.
  • Dental Treats - There are so many good ones on the market. Try looking for ones such as these that have ridges to help get the tarter and food build up in-between teeth.
  • Chew Toys - Hard chew toys are best or hard ropes.
  • Water additives - There are so many different freshening drops on the market today. Choose one with natural ingredients such as peppermint.

When to see a Vet
If your dog suffers from chronic bad breath be sure to get him checked out by a veterinarian to see if his bad breath is caused by some underlying health problem. Better to be safe and keep your pup healthy!

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