The Ultimate Guide to a Paw-Some Adventure with Your Dog

Summer is Finally Here! The best time of the year to journey outside and experience all that nature has to offer.

The weather is warm and the possibilities for fun adventures are endless. Some exciting adventures to go on with your dog can include hiking, camping, or road tripping. Participating in these activities with your dog can make a great bonding experience in addition to creating memories you will never forget. So buckle up and get ready to hit the road or trails to explore the outdoors with your dog.

The first step is to find an outdoor spot to do these activities whether it's a park, mountain trail, or even your own backyard. National parks can also be a fun place to go with your dogs, Here is a map of all the Pet-friendly national parks in the U.S. (every state has at least one). There are many different places to go and see with your dog...the world is your oyster!

When spending time with your dog outdoors, it is important to pack essentials for your dog. 

  • One of the most important things to bring is a collar or harness and leash 
  • Another important thing to bring is water and a collapsible bowl    
  • Waste bags to clean up after your dog 
  • Always remember to bring a treat pouch to store supplies in as well as some tasty treats for your pup!  Our rapids rewards treat bag even has a built-in compartment for poop-bags as well as several pockets for clicker, phone, keys, etc. 
Dogs are great exploring companions, eager to be outside and enjoy all the sights and smells. 

Tips for a positive and safe experience:
1.  Make sure your dog is clicker trained in obedience and leash skills  
  • Pups should be socialized to be comfortable and confident in new situations. 
  • You need to maintain control of your dog at all times - they should respond to “sit” and “stay” while people pass them on the trail and be able to ignore distractions.

2. Dogs should be properly conditioned before hitting the hiking trail

  • Age – Puppies should have all of their shots before trail hiking.

  • Breeds – Learn the abilities and limitations of your dog’s breed. Some breeds have more stamina and endurance for longer hikes; others can have joint or hip problems, making steep terrains difficult.
  • Fitness – Start with short walks and slowly increase the distance.

Remember that dogs want to please their owners and often push through pain. It’s up to you to be aware of your dog’s abilities and limitations, and to recognize unusual behaviors in your dog that may be indications of pain or fatigue. Above all have a paw-some time wherever your adventure leads you!


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