Dogs and Owners Need Mental and Physical Stimulation to Be Healthy!                                    
Dogs and Owners Need Mental and Physical Stimulation to Be Healthy!
As of lately, mostly everyone's life has been affected because of all the new health precautions we are required to take. This rings true for people as well as pets. Dogs are masters of picking up signs of stress and anxiety from their "people" or environment! What can we as dog owners do to help keep our pups and families healthy and happy doing this time? 

We have summarized key points below from a fabulous article from The Farmers Dog.

Go outside, get some fresh air, and walk your pup. Walking is not only exercise for your body, but also works to help clear your mind. Relax, try to unwind and enjoy! For your furry companions, walks not only give them a nice workout, but provides mental stimulation as well. Let them take in the sniffs, sights, and sounds of the area. If you are not able to get those walks in, play games inside. Hide treats and have your pup find them, a game of fetch, or hide and seek are perfect games to get them moving.

Keep your normal routine as much as possible. Wake up, meal, walks, and bedtimes should be kept on schedule as much as possible. Let them rest and be alone as they normally do and don't overstimulate when your dog is trying to rest.

With so many pets being adopted, fostered, or purchased right now, there is a great need for training. Learn to understand your pups personality and let them learn what you expect of them. Start with the basic commands and go from there. Training is fun, it energizes the mind! Get your whole family involved, so everyone is on the same page with training methods. Consult a Professional Dog Trainer. A lot are offering virtual classes to help get you off to a fantastic start with your training. There are so many outstanding trainers out there and if you need a recommendation in your area we will happily help. 

Click on this article from The Farmers Dog for more in depth information.

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