Tips for growing your pet training business in 2020:                                    

Pet training continues to rise as one of the fastest growing solopreneur businesses in the United States. Very talented trainers are making the leap to business owner.  Here are a few top tips to make your business hyper successful in 2020:

1.       Train your inner business owner.

a.       Being an excellent pet trainer is essential to building business and referrals, but it is only one side of the story.  A business owner must be versed in marketing, finance, management, sales and strategic planning.  If you are new to this, hiring a business coach can be one good option for achievement.  There are also hundreds of online training programs and resources to assist. 

2.       Build a referral network.

a.       Often, pet owners seek training advice from veterinarians.  Make sure you are plugged into several veterinarian groups and offer them incentives for referring new clients to you.

b.       Kennel Clubs are also a great resource for networking.  Look for local pet enthusiast groups on Facebook and engage with your advice.

3.       Build your brand as an expert through modern marketing.

a.       Whether it’s a blog, a YouTube Channel, IGTV or other digital media resources, publish consistent content that gives tips to your audience.  Allow the potential client to get to know you online and freely give good advice without over-selling yourself.  Familiarity will breed trust and you will be training people to give you their pet training business.

b.       Have always branded swag on tap. Training resources with your logo accelerates word of mouth marketing.  We have hundreds of training accessories that your logo can be added to; make sure everyone knows your name!

4.       Set yourself apart from the pack.

a.       Do you have success in a particular kind of pet, a method you’ve devised, a way you bundle your services?  Dig into what makes you different and explain that in all of the ways someone might engage with you.

5.       Don’t be afraid of losing a sale.

a.       Building a successful business means maintaining the highest integrity of your brand.  If you know a client’s pet will need 12 sessions for the desired result, don’t settle for 3 just to appease the sale.  Holding tight to your integrity means that the results and reviews are always consistent with the brand you are building, and ultimately a more profitable company.

6.       Find a mentor.

a.       Talk to other successful trainers, get advice.  There are a plethora of dog trainers support groups, for instance on Facebook.  Join and learn from others.


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